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Reusable Stencils In Canada

CanadianDisplay.ca carries a wide range of Reusable Stencil Signs for use in parking lots and building exteriors. Made from durable PVC, you’ll be able to use these stencil signs again and again for commonly-used messages and symbols. The height of the stencil letters can be adjusted from the standard 4” height to 6”, 8” or 12”.

If you’re resurfacing your road or parking lot, our Reusable Stencil signs are ideal to use to mark spots for handicapped parking or reserved designations, as well as for bike lanes, fire lanes and exit lanes. Our popular Handicapped Parking Stencil sign comes in 30”, 40” and 48” sizes.

They can also be used on the sides of buildings for No Smoking notifications and parking applications such marking Visitor parking or No Parking zones.