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Liquid Chalk Markers - Large Flat Tip Liquid Chalk Markers - Large Flat Tip
List Price: CA$64.99
Our Price: CA$24.99
Savings: CA$40.00

Outdoor Sidewalk Sign (Water Filled Base) Outdoor Cone Poster Sign (Water Filled Base)
List Price: CA$119.99
Our Price: CA$84.99
Savings: CA$35.00

A-Frame Sidewalk Menu Chalkboard Easel A-Frame Sidewalk Menu Chalkboard Easel
List Price: CA$102.99
Our Price: CA$94.99
Savings: CA$8.00

Even in our digital age, A-Frame signs are still a vital form of advertising for any business that wants to capitalize on a heavy volume of sidewalk pedestrian traffic. They’re perfect for the small business owner who appreciates the flexibility of being able to write anything they need to on the sign for any given day, carry it back inside whenever the day is done, and change it as frequently as necessary.

Our A-frame sign customers include restaurants, bars, coffee shops, bakeries, clothing boutiques, electronics and communications stores and many other types of storefront retail businesses. We offer a wide range of dry or wet erase liquid chalkboard, markerboard, and poster-frame easel solutions - with a variety of modern and antique finishes -- all made with the finest craftsmanship, These signs offer a large display area so you can maximize your message. We also sell high-quality liquid chalk markers at wholesale prices so you can get creative with your use of colour and illustration. Get in touch with CanadianDisplay.ca today. We’ll help you get the word on the street in style! For more handwritten or poster-print signage solutions, be sure to check out our selection of Chalk Boards, Marker Boards and Poster Frames.