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Shine a new light on your menus and print displays

Slim LED Restaurant Lightboxes are becoming increasingly popular in restaurants, art galleries, museums and other POP signage locations where menus, printed information or artwork needs to be prominently backlit in order for patrons to see it. They use energy-efficient LED lighting which is 75% more efficient than fluorescent lighting, to vividly illuminate your printed graphics. You can also use these stunning lightboxes in your home to display your most cherished photographs, posters or artwork.

Also known as Crystal Lightboxes, these beautiful installations add a touch of modern style wherever they’re displayed. The flat light box signage produces illumination in the thinnest possible profile, offering the most elegant display possible. The frame will not interfere with your artwork and in fact will enhance the colors and print in more ways than one. The black finish and slim profile will make the frame nearly invisible when the LEDs are on. The LED lights have a guaranteed lifespan of 20,000 hours, providing reliability and energy cost benefits.

We print graphics for the Restaurant Menu Slim Light Box in-house on high-quality translucent vinyl, or you can provide your own artwork. No tools are needed to change the image in your light box, and you do not even have to take it off the wall. Simply unscrew the chrome fittings, slip out the current image, and replace it with your new graphic. The aluminum frame is shipped fully assembled, so all you need to do is remove the front acrylic panel, slide in the graphic, replace the panel, and plug the electric cable into a 120v receptacle. And watch your graphic displays come to life like never before!

We carry a wide range of innovative LED display products including LED Light Fixtures, LED Modules and Outdoor Light Boxes.