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Yard Stakes Yard Stakes
Our Price: CA$1.99

Coroplast Lawn Sign 4mm - 18" x 24" Horizontal Double Sided Coroplast Lawn Sign 4mm - 24" x 18"
List Price: CA$24.00
Our Price: CA$20.79
Savings: CA$3.21

Coroplast Lawn Sign 4mm - 18" x 24" Vertical Double Sided Coroplast Lawn Sign 4mm - 18" x 24"
List Price: CA$42.50
Our Price: CA$37.78
Savings: CA$4.72

One of the most economical and versatile signage products on the market, Coroplast (Corrugated Plastic) Lawn Signs are practical, durable, and cost-effective for a multitude of promotional applications. CanadianDisplay.ca is your source for the most affordable 18” x 24” Double-Sided Coroplast Signs with fast 3-day turnaround.

*Please note: Yard Stakes are sold separately.*

Most coroplast lawn signs are screen printed, which severely limits your colour options. At CanadianDisplay.ca we offer full-colour CMYK printing using Eco-Solvent ink on vinyl, which is then applied to the coroplast using adhesive. This means there are no limits to your design or colour reproduction and you have total freedom in terms of what you can display on your Coroplast signs.

Contractors, builders and tradespeople often use Coroplast Signs to advertise their residential work on lawns and fences. Small businesses often plant their Coroplast signs by the sides of heavy-traffic roadways. They’re a great way to advertise community events or causes in areas with lots of pedestrian traffic. Our Coroplast Signs are UV resistant and waterproof, so they’ll last even in challenging weather conditions.

We sell Corrugated Plastic Sheets separately for use in custom signage, crafts, window replacements, air conditioner installations and many other applications. We also offer our Banner Printing Service for any custom large-format exterior banner signage for which you may have a need now or in the future.